About us

The inception of Aariapure happened when one fine day we were traveling through the busy and polluted roads of Delhi. A delivery van ahead of us was spewing black smoke which was entering the car through the vents. Even though the outside air button present in the car was on the closed mode still the car had a terrible smell of smoke and was making us breathless. And out of the blue, we came up with an idea that if we could have a product on the A/C vent which would filter all the air coming inside the car and make the air inside pollution free. As the market already had car air purifiers, we thought of making ours different and affordable. A product which did not require any batteries, wires, charging and could be simple to use product which would make the car air pollution free and give an amazing fragrance as well. That’s what Aariapure stands for. A simple and easy to use product which is proudly made in India by an Indian for Indians.

After debating and rejecting many designs, we chose a design which would look nice as well as solve the purpose of purification and fragrance. Many trials went through on finding the right kind of fragrance for our products. We wanted to use the best for our products so that the end product would be the best in its class. Our vision for Aariapure is to provide a breath of fresh air coupled with amazing fragrance which is affordable to everyone, and a product which can be bought and used safely around the whole family.