About us


The idea for Aariapure was born during a car journey through the polluted streets of Delhi. A delivery van ahead of us was emitting black smoke that made its way into our car through the vents, even though the outside air button was closed. We found it difficult to breathe, and the car had an unpleasant smell of smoke. It was then that we had the idea of creating a product that could filter the air coming into the car and make it pollution-free. Although car air purifiers already existed in the market, we wanted to make something different and affordable. Our goal was to create a product that did not require batteries, wires, or charging, and was easy to use. The product would make the car air pollution-free and provide an amazing fragrance at the same time. This is what Aariapure represents: a simple and easy-to-use product, proudly made in India by an Indian, for Indians.


After many design debates and rejections, we finally chose a design that looked great and served the purpose of purification and fragrance. We conducted numerous trials to find the perfect fragrance for our product. We wanted to use the best quality fragrance to ensure that our end product was of the highest quality. Our vision for Aariapure is to provide everyone with a breath of fresh air coupled with an amazing fragrance, at an affordable price, and a product that is safe to use around the whole family.